From Foster Care to Military Interrogator to Business Consultant 

Roman Roberts is a former foster child who grew up in various homes throughout Texas. At 18, Roman joined the Army, where he became an interrogator, deploying multiple times, and had the honor of supporting special operations groups from around the world. 

Roman transitioned from the military after an exciting and honorable career but had traumas from foster care and the military that he had not fully addressed. These traumas led to various issues that almost cost Roman his marriage and his life. Realizing this what not what he wanted to become, Roman began the process of discovering his identity and through journaling, religion, and having honest communication with himself and those around him. 

Roman now helps businesses be elite in their interactions inside and outside of their companies by assisting in communication, business strategy, process management, and more.  While he was no longer an interrogator or working with special operations, the skills he learned and the struggles he overcame allowed him the unique ability to help businesses to become the elite organization they can to be. 

Roman hosts the Podcast Real Talk with Roman, where he has ten-minute interviews with people from all walks of life. From interviewing athletes, veterans, doctors, celebrities, and others who have overcome or are doing amazing things in their communities. He uses these conversations as an opportunity to provide real advice and actionable tips for everyone to excel in life. 

When not working on his podcast or with businesses, Roman and his wife and son can often be found outdoors enjoying nature, grilling new meals, or traveling to new places. He and his family live by the mantras of "Do Great Things" and "Your Hustle has to be Bigger than Your Struggle. 

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